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Oil scraper

【Product application scope and working principle】
JZ belt scraper is currently the most reliable to remove liquid surface oil slick One of the most economical equipment, low power consumption, do not need any supplies, can Effectively remove all kinds of oil in the oil (including oil, kerosene, diesel oil, Lubricants, vegetable oils and other liquids with a smaller specific gravity than water The surface of the oil layer can be thick) and can be oil and water separation of waste oil recovery, The principle is the use of different proportions between oil and water and surface tension and other special Sex, when the scraping oil band through the surface of the water and take away the surface of the various floating Oil, the specific application in:
1, a variety of metal processing fluid, rolling mill emulsion, cleaning fluid circulation Use in the reservoir.
2, industrial and mining enterprises oily wastewater treatment system pretreatment adjustment pool, deep Degree of purification before the oil storage tanks, air flotation separation pool in the oil recovery set.
【The main parameters】
1, special stainless steel ring, strong oil absorption, that is, the flesh looked fancy The oil film can be absorbed. 2, scraping the oil water content is very low, easy to waste oil recycling.
3, scraper for debugging, to achieve the best scraping effect
4, can be used in strong acid and alkali high temperature environment, the use of temperature can be super Over 120 ℃
5, the length of steel can be configured according to the user site requirements, production requirements.
6, according to the use of the site environment need to use standard or non-standard type (The whole set of stainless steel, explosion-proof, windproof, anti-steam type Wait)
7, time proportional control (time timer), can be set within 24 hours Automatic start operation, stop. 8, no supplies, low power consumption; no speed adjustable point machine can be run According to the amount of water to adjust the operating speed; magnetic pulley drive steel,No drop in the water wheel, less failure.
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