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        Yixing Jinzhen casting material Co., Ltd. is the domestic first home specializing in the production of die-casting punch lubrication particles manufacturers. At the same time, the production business varieties of release agent, particle machine, anti sticky wax, silicon nitride protective tube, coating material, ceramic spoon, ceramic punch die casting consumables. Products since the market has been widely praised by users. The company invested 20 million in 2013 and built a new factory in Zhang Zhu Industrial Zone, with the production of the largest domestic lubricant particles punch device. With the production of domestic lubricating particles the biggest punch device. Annual production capacity of 10000 tons. Advanced production technology. High degree of automation, product quality in the domestic leading level, the company set production, management, research and development in one, with advanced and perfect testing facilities, strict production management and quality assurance system.

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