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Ceramic ladle

【Product Description】
This product has high melting point,(1860±10℃), Low thermal expansion coefficient and good thermal shock resistance. The product can be applied to magnesium, aluminum, zinc, copper and other metal solution
【Product Features】
1.his product is the style of the inlet design into small mouth, compared with the traditional product, the product can effectively prevent scale into the aluminum water, improve the die casting defective rate
2.Maintenance free, do not need to use coating agent
3.The service life of the general is 2 to 3 months
4.Avoid the use of maintenance products and produce pollution
5.Reduce the manual labor intensity
6.Reduce the production time for replacement spoon
7.Good insulation effect, heat transfer efficiency is one over fifteen of the cast iron
1.Before using preheating can effectively extend the service life
2.Little hang aluminum phenomenon, do not knock, wait for after cooling off by hand
3.In case of abnormal shutdown, the spoon in the solidification of liquid aluminum, can be placed in liquid aluminum melt can be spoon.
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