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plunger ganules


25kg/ 25kg/ woven bag paper

[shelf life]

24 months

[product description]

Die casting Plunger lubricant granules , without graphite. Particle size of the product is Φ1.0-1.5mm,  Φ1.5-2.0mm,  Φ2.0-3.0mm. This product could melting and rapid expansion on the piston shot sleeve and injection head. Through the superior capillary effect, in the sleeve form a layer of excellent lubrication film. The product easy use , Not adopted by the drops of paint spray pump system, not as same of  the traditional oil-based or water-based products.

[product features]

1.      No pollution produced,different of general oil-based lubricant.

2.      Reduce the porosity of die casting piece.

3.      Prolong the service life of the plunger tube,  reduce adverse effects due to friction.

4.      Increase the service life of die casting punch, usually is twice time of the oil lubricant.

5.      Increase injection speed.

6.      Particle completely consumed,no lubricating oil pollution.

7.      No oil trace on the surface of the die casting piece, surface clean and bright.

8.      Sprue-gate, flow channel, soup cake when used in recycling, no oil, no exhaust smoke-free.

9.      Consumption saving, reduce the cost.

10.   Improve the safety of production process.

11.   Keep the workshop, ceiling, floor clean, conform to the requirements of the modern green environmental protection.


Using particle transmitter to add particles to pouring chamber,the quantity depends on weight of die casting piece,Need to try with experience.

The amount of different piston size corresponds to:

60mm 1-3g   80mm 3-5g    100mm 5-7g    140mm 7-10g    >150mm 15-20g

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