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In addition to tracheal ceramic

[product description]
The ceramic degassing tube can improve the removal efficiency, which shortens the degassing time and reduces the consumption of the nitrogen or other inert gas.
[product advantages]
1, resistance to aluminum liquid erosion
2, excellent heat shock resistance
3, 4-5 times longer than the life of the graphite tube
4, the surface is not sticky aluminum, reduce slag deposition
5, compared with graphite, the lower air flow rate will be able to achieve the same degassing effect.
Before baking to 300 degrees C to remove water, the use of the refined gas for nitrogen (99.99%) or argon. Refining time depending on the cleanliness of the aluminum liquid, liquid aluminum and casting requirements, in addition to the depth of the depth of the tube to insert the apparent depth of the liquid, the bottom surface 100mm can be. In the refining process, allow the removal of the trachea in the liquid in the slow moving, in order to achieve the best results. In the case of ventilation, the surface of aluminum liquid is put forward in the case of ventilation.

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