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Ceramic punch

【product manual】
 Ceramic wear punch is a special production base steel surface by laser welding apparatus of a ceramic powder. Uneven surface, use lubricating effect and prolong its service life.
   1, special steel as the substrate, the surface of ceramic powder by laser welding equipment
   2, the surface of the groove, the lubricant full lubricating effect and prolong the service life of the punch.
   3, the normal life of a diameter of about 80cm below the 3-5 million times the diameter of 90cm above the normal service life of approximately 2-3 million times.【Description】
   1. Make sure the punch, the pressure chamber, gate sets a good concentricity, good tolerances. Avoid punch surface strain, scratched or unilateral wear.
   2, red hair oil to ensure good cooling, lubrication, to avoid cracking due to thermal fatigue or wear.
   3, melting cup and sprue bushing bore can not be matched dislocation, there would punch unilateral wear, strain and so on.
   4, the punch is installed, required molten aluminum alloy was preheated for 5 to 10 times.
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