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Plunger oil series - Waterborne plunger oil

[product description]
Water punch oil is oily plunger oil superior lubricity, and have the water of the plunger lubricant not working environment caused by pollution of W / o the plunger lubricant, with solid lubricant can effectively prevent the molten metal casing caused by the melting damage.
[application scope]
1, suitable for pressure, surface finish high requirements of the products of the die casting.
1200, suitable for 2 tons of large die casting machine.
[methods of use]
1, according to the conditions of casting solution will be sprayed directly into the casing.
2, the product or the element blank on the color, need to adjust the amount of injection.
[storage method]
1, in order to prevent the evaporation of water and foreign matter mixed, please seal in the indoor storage.
2, please avoid long-term inventory.
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