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Flux series

[product description]
moke free type slag removal agent is a special aluminum alloy smelting slag remover products, in the process of smelting metal oxide flame furnace, can reduce the content of impurities in the oxidation of impurities, the formation of a higher quality of liquid metal.
As an addition to the slag using stirring in solution of metal surface, and non metal impurities (oxide) reaction, and to assist in reducing slag impurity containing metal solution that impurities can be in the absence of further exothermic reaction is cleared.
[physical parameters]
Appearance: pink powder / granular white granular
Adapting to metal solution working range: >680
[application scope]
Can be used in any kind of aluminum alloy smelting, in addition to the aluminum magnesium >3% alloy and the low melting point of the alloy
[product features]
1, effectively reduce the discharge of gas in the smelting process
2, greatly reducing the content of impurities in the metal solution
JZ709R can be applied to melt, crucible and reaction furnace, the product can be used in the transmission and transformation of ladle, and the exhaust process (can not be applied to the feeding furnace).
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