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Ladle coating series-Water-based coating -JZ2058N

[product description]
JZ205BN concentrated water base paint, strong wear resistant type. The non-ferrous metal and slag surface coated with molten non reactive, non attachment. The coating is particularly suitable for applications where high wear resistance and other BN coatings are not required. So it is particularly suitable for the die casting, extrusion process, hot bending glass processing, gravity casting permanent mold casting, cast iron, cast steel, metal mold casting, investment casting and so on.
[methods of use]
1, clean the surface of the material to be protected;
2, (at room temperature) with a sponge (or brush, spray paint) BN diluted coated on the surface of material. If it is a brush coating, dilution ratio: Material: water =1: (4-5 times), if the coating is recommended to dilute multiple 1: (7-8 times) customers can be adjusted according to experience; the first use of the 2-3 layer, the distribution can be uniform.
3, after coating at the temperature of 200 degrees Celsius, baking, the coating can be used after drying;
4, of inaccessible local coating, such as the inner wall of the tube can be coated parts immersed in dilute good BN coatings in, out to be excess paint natural outflow, dry after use (this method is only applicable to metal).
Note: the coating should be uniform, do not make BN on the surface, that is not too thick coating.
[product advantages]
1, high temperature stability, and non stick melt.
2, can be applied to the surface of the heat can be coated on the surface of the cold, the coating can be used after drying the soft cloth or paper processing, smoothing and polishing.
3, resistant to high temperature: 1820 C (inert gas) temperature long period of high temperature 1650 C (air)
Special formula, water matrix, convenient to use. For the environmental protection paint, non-toxic, no pollution.
Store in a cool and shady place. Ambient temperature is not less than 10.
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