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Plunger oil series

[product description]
Punch oil is a solution of a synthetic base oil and additives. Additive can effectively to improve the casting metal and mould separation effect,reduce consumption and raise casting punch and pouring chamber between the lubrication effect.
[application scope]
Lubricant for die casting punch and casting chambers, applicable to all kinds of materials, such as steel, brass / steel and cast iron / steel.
[product features]
1, super lubricating performance, improve the service life of the punch and pouring pouring chamber
2, reduce the pouring room oxide deposits
3, reduce the use amount of usage is currently on the market known as punch oil 1/2--1/3
[application description]
1, a spray coating method, static drop, a brush
2, can not be used for pouring room feeding mouth
3, every time consumption for different diameter of punch
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