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Oil thimble/Refractory fiber paste

[product description]

Containing lubricating oil has strong adhesive, not because of the hign speed is squeezed out, in addition, it also contains high temperature drop of oil special grease, stable chemical characteristics, temperature resistance, pressure resistance,  high speed impact comprehensive multi-purpose grease. The graphite purity of the solid lubricant containing high purity ultra fine particles is 99.9%, and the heat resistance of the soild lubricant is as high as 1650 degrees Celsius, and is a good conductor of heat and good heat dissipation.

[product features]

1,operating temperature above 255.

2,no drop point.

3,strong adhesion, high speed and high pressure should not be squeezed out, prolong the service time.

4,resistance to high pressure, high load.

5,anti steam, anti-corrosion, waterproof, chemical stability.

6,as a kind of universal grease without the use of purpose.

[application scope]

 Mould:Lubricating thimble, pressure plate, crankshaft,connecting rod

Combustion machine / machine: high temperature lubrication of chain and gear

High speed gear / bearing: high speed, high temperature, super adhesion lubrication

[product description]

The product is white quality ceramic fiber refractory mud.

[methods of use]

First trowel dipped water so as not to paste the refractories,refractory paste trowel plastic in metal or refractory material surface to achieve the required thickness and smooth surface mud. Thickness of 10 mm, dry 30 to 60 minutes, the thickness of more than 30 mm, the drying time to more than 3 hours.


1,runner funnel lining,continuous, casting or horizontal casting of the triage plate;

2,heat treatment furnace lining;

3,the burden of the furnace lining material;

4,gravity casting casting, riser zone;

5,buns, ladle lining;

6,for any part of the minimum required temperature.


1,reduce the molten metal temperature drop, not wet aluminum, not wet zinc.

2,easy operation, good after burner for drying plastic trowel.

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