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Ceramic fiber pouring ladle

[product description]
Fiber ceramic composites can tolerate minor mechanical damage. This material makes the automatic pouring ladle four side and bottom surfaces of cross section do have bitung common refractory material components combined together to much thinner. The automatic bottom support considerations and designed to meet the needs of most customers. This material has a very good wear resistance and heat preservation properties compared to many of the materials used in the pouring ladle. As the density of the 1600Kg/m3 material, it shows a special strength and density ratio. Fiber ceramic composite materials, automatic pouring ladle on the surface of the factory all coated with boron nitride coating, this coating special non stick aluminum properties to enhance the use of fiber ceramic composite automatic casting.
[product advantages:]
1, lightweight materials
2, without preheating
3, low temperature and heat dissipation
4, superior mechanical properties
5, with molten aluminum
6, not by iron impurities
7, very low maintenance costs
8, keep the temperature decrease
1, do not allow the automatic pouring of the temperature of >780 degrees celsius.
2, do not use high-speed arrogance or any direct flame in direct contact with the ceramic fiber composite materials, which to pouring ladle very destructive.
3, do not put the fiber ceramic composite materials in the high humidity environment, and not completely dry before use.
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