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Release agent-JZ501X/JZ500Y

【PACKAGE】20KG/Barrel   200KG/Barrel
【Shelf life】6month
【Product Description】
With natural and synthetic polymer materials production strength type water-based release agent.  Accordance with the most stringent environmental regulations. Using the product, can make die casting surface luster, without defect.
No residue on the surface of the die casting.
【Product Features】
1. High rate of dilution,save the consumption. Recommend the dilution ratio
JZ501X  80-120倍
JZ500Y  400-500倍
2. In the mold cavity surface density of high temperature resistance and scour resistant protective film. With superior membrane effect, greatly improving the qualification rate of die casting.
3. Non-toxic, non-polluting, without excitant gas, do not affect the workers health
4. Good cooling effect, which can effectively prevent die cracking due to thermal fatigue,effectively extend the service life.
Shake before use, appropriate diluted with water,Use spray gun and spraying equipment uniform spraying in the die surface
【Matters attention】
1. Before first use release agent ,die should be removed
2. Spray right amount, should not be too little or too much amount.
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