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Dosing Equipment

【product manual】
1, increasing the plunger tube life, reduce friction and increase injection speed.
2, no oil pollution, the machine will not have stains, die-casting machine can be kept clean and clean, increase plant safety.
3, extending tube life than the 20% increase in oil plunger.
4, casting surface no oil marks, the use of cast clean and bright.
5, when the sprue, runners, soup cake recycling use, no oil, no air pollution.
6, the entire factory floor is no oil pollution, keep the plant clean, clean working environment.
1. The operation is simple, easy to feed;
2.PLD control, low failure rate;
3. The size of the feed rate can be easily controlled;
4. No matter the size of the particles of the plunger, can be used freely;
5. Alternatively single and multiple die casting cycle, reduce the amount of particles and cost savings;
6. Quantitative slider with wear-resistant steel, feed accurate, durable; AirTAC brand pneumatic components, low failure rate.

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