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Small release agent recovery device

【product description】
Release agent is die casting mold cooling, demoulding of the products must be used in aqueous solution,usually under the situation, a lot of demoulding agent is sprayed onto the mold, demoulding agent in high temperature evaporation, adsorption in the mould use the and part of the inflow below the die, ditch of sewage water into the sewage treatmentsystem or directly to drain via either produced sewage treatment costs,or cause environmental pollution; due to this part of the release agent containing active ingredients more,so also cause tremendous waste of resources. The release agent recovery device developed by our company can effectively solve theproblem of removing oil, sterilization and filtration, which is the key problem of the recycling  and utilization of mold release agent, which greatly the production cost and environmental pollution.
【product advantages】
1.pure physical method to deal with the recovery liquid, dose not destroy the release agent composition
2.Release agent waste 100% recovery, reduced by about 40% off Mold consumption
3.Not only to achieve the reause of waste stripping agent,can be mixed with the new release agent solution, but also the use of two separate
4.recovery of the mold release agent good quality, no adverse effects on the die casting machine and products
5.main parts adopt imported parts, low failure rate, long service life
6.use and maintenance is simple, do not need professional 7.full automatic operation system,safe and reliable
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